Victor Hernández Cruz Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Victor Hernández Cruz (krews) wrote about poetry in an early pamphlet, Doing Poetry (1970). In Stuff: A Collection of Poems, Visions, and Imaginative Happenings from Young Writers in Schools—Opened and Closed (1970), coedited with Herbert Kohl, he offers a gathering of young writers’ poems that outline his fundamental commitment to poetry and poetic expression, as well as his dedication to teaching. With Leroy Quintana and Virgil Suarez, Cruz edited Paper Dance: Fifty-five Latino Poets (1995). This was the first anthology of Latino poets from diverse origins: Cuba, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

In addition to short fiction, Cruz has written the unpublished novels “Rhythm Section/Part One” and “Time Zones,” both of which explore the migration and musical themes of his poetry. Excerpts from the former appear in Maria Theresa Babin’s Borinquen: An Anthology of Puerto Rican Literature (1974). In four of his major poetry collections, Cruz has included prose works that offer insights into his life and aesthetics. He has also published articles in various journals, including The New York Review of Books, Ramparts, Evergreen Review, and The Village Voice.