The Victim in Victoria Station

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The next day, while morosely scanning the newspaper for a report of the incident after she realizes that she never knew Bill’s last name, Dorothy finds no mention whatsoever of the incident; which arouses her suspicions. A call to the police precinct offers no help, as the police insist that they have heard no report of a death aboard a train.

Dorothy undertakes to solve the mystery on her own. With her husband, Alan Nesbitt, away as an advisor to an international police conference, Dorothy enlists the help of Nigel Evans, a computer whiz with whom she became acquainted on an earlier escapade. Nigel helps Dorothy to learn the identity of her unfortunate fellow traveler: Bill Monahan, founder of Multilinks, an internationally successful software company about to close on an extraordinary business deal. Dorothy disguises her identity and wheedles her way into a job at the London branch of Multilinks, where she discovers an amusing assortment of characters, any one of whom may have had reason to ensure that Bill Monahan never completes his journey.

Fans of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple mysteries will particularly enjoy how Jeanne Dams' determined heroine unravels the mystery and triumphantly fingers the guilty party.