(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed


Raoul (raw-EWL), vicomte de Bragelonne (vee-KOH[N] deh brah-geh-LOHN), the son of Athos, the comte de la Fère, who was one of the famous Three Musketeers. Raoul becomes the rival of Louis XIV for the love of Louise de la Vallière. Disappointed in love, he goes to Africa, where he is killed.

Louise de la Vallière

Louise de la Vallière (lweez deh lah vahl-YEHR), a beautiful young woman. Though betrothed to the vicomte de Bragelonne, she becomes the mistress of Louis XIV.

Louis XIV

Louis XIV (lwee), the king of France and vicomte de Bragelonne’s rival for Mlle de la Vallière.

The comte de la Fère

The comte de la Fère (deh lah fehr), formerly known as Athos, one of the Three Musketeers. He helps Charles II regain the throne of England. He dies of shock when told of the death of the vicomte de Bragelonne, his son.

Charles II

Charles II, the English king, who took refuge in France while Cromwell ruled England.

Cardinal Mazarin

Cardinal Mazarin (mah-zah-RA[N]), the chief minister to Louis XIV.


D’Artagnan (dahr-tahn-YA[N]), the famous Musketeer. He is loyal to Louis XIV and supports...

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