The Vicar of Wakefield

by Oliver Goldsmith

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Who are the main characters in The Vicar of Wakefield?

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The main characters in The Vicar of Wakefield are the members of the Primrose family. There is the father, Charles; the mother, Deborah; and their two daughters, Olivia and Sophia.

Charles Primrose is is the eponymous vicar and also the narrator of the story. He is a simple, kind, and principled man—a loving husband and father. He sometimes can be irritable or stubborn and endures the various misfortunes that befall his family with good grace (for the most part) and perseverance. His is ,in a sense, an echo of the biblical character Job, who likewise endures much hardship but never loses faith.

Deborah Primrose is a loyal wife and a devoted mother. She devotes herself to domestic duties such as cooking and cleaning. One of her main aims is to see her daughters married well.

The two daughters, Olivia and Sophia, are dutiful and good-natured. Olivia is considered the more beautiful of the two. She is also more passionate and more extroverted than her sister. By comparison, Sophia is quieter, more sensible, and more introverted.

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