(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Frank Fenwick

Frank Fenwick, the vicar of Bullhampton. He is involved in an altercation with the marquis of Trowbridge, in part over the vicar’s standing by a young man the marquis thinks should be in jail. The vicar is also concerned about the lack of progress made by his friend, Squire Gilmore, in courting Fenwick’s wife’s guest, Mary Lowther.

Harry Gilmore

Harry Gilmore, the squire of Bullhampton and the chief landholder after the marquis. The woman he loves, after much reluctance and hesitation, becomes engaged to him. He is crushed when she breaks her engagement to marry the man she loves.

Mary Lowther

Mary Lowther, Janet Fenwick’s friend and guest. Prevented by lack of money from marrying her cousin, whom she loves, she finally becomes engaged to devoted Squire Gilmore. Her cousin’s sudden acquisition of wealth, however, enables her to break her engagement to the squire and marry her cousin.

Janet Fenwick

Janet Fenwick, the vicar’s wife. In her sympathy for the squire after he is thrown over, she wishes that Mary had never come to Bullhampton.

Walter Marrable

Walter Marrable, Mary’s cousin, a soldier home from India. He is trying to regain an inheritance from his father, who has cheated him of it. He and Mary become engaged but are forced to break their engagement when it is discovered that Walter’s father...

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