The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Catherine Crook de Camp, who occasionally collaborated with her husband, worked with him on the final two books of the Viagens/Krishna series. The other volumes were the work of L. Sprague de Camp alone.

Rogue Queen takes place on the planet Niond, where female worker Iroedh meets an Earth scientist who is visiting her caste-bound society. Iroedth is a social outcast and falls in love with a male drone named Antis. Iroedth and the Earthman rescue Antis from a scheduled execution, and they wander as outcast rogues. After they learn that their community’s diet inhibits sex hormones, Iroedth eats meat and becomes fully functional. She brings this news home, and her community realizes that their old caste system must crumble.

The Continent Makers and Other Tales of the Viagens is a collection of short stories and the novelette “The Continent Makers,” which is centered on Gordon Graham, a geophysicist helping design a new continent. He meets Jeru-Bhetiru, a beautiful Oirian, and falls in love with her. Alien agents capture the two, seeking information from Graham. He escapes and traces the gang to Ascension Island. He frees Jeru, destroys the gang, and stops an alien invasion, but he loses the girl.

In The Cosmic Manhunt, Victor Hasselborg goes to Krishna to find a merchant’s daughter, who intends to elope. Adventurer Anthony Fallon, her betrothed, becomes the corrupt king of Zamba during his attempt to smuggle guns against the embargo. Hasselborg kidnaps the girl and returns to Earth, and Fallon is imprisoned.

In The Tower of Zanid, Earth archaeologist Julian Fredro hires Fallon after Fallon has served his prison term. Fredro wants Fallon to guide him to an ancient tower guarded by the Yeshites. Fallon also accepts a contract to spy on the Yeshites. Disguised as Yeshite priests, Fallon and Fredro enter the tower and discover an arma-ment factory. The spies are caught, escape, and join an invasion of the tower. The Yeshites lose, and they sign a treaty.

The Virgin and the Wheels consists of two stories....

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