Vergil World Literature Analysis - Essay


Vergil World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Vergil’s deathbed request that the unfinished Aeneid be destroyed is an example of one characteristic of his style: insistence upon perfection. He considered this essential to achieve the civilized, cosmopolitan elegance that characterizes all of his verse. Such urbanity appears even in Vergil’s pastorals. The four books of the Georgics, for example, took seven years for him to complete. Based on the total number of 2,188 lines, this would mean an average of about one verse per day. Indeed, Aulus Gellius, the second century commentator on assorted literary matters, reproduces a remark attributed to Vergil that he licked his verses into shape the way a mother bear does her cubs.

This slowness toward...

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