Vassili Rozanov Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

O ponimanii [On Understanding] (nonfiction) 1886

Legenda o Velikon inkvizitore F. M. Dostoevskogo: Opyt kriticheskogo kommentariia [F. M. Dostoevsky's Legend of the Grand Inquisitor: An Attempt at a Critical Commentary] (nonfiction) 1894; published as Dostoevsky and the Legend of the Grand Inquisitor, translated by Spencer E. Roberts, 1972

Literaturnye ocherki [Literary Sketches] (nonfiction) 1899

Religiia i kul'tura [Religion and Culture] (nonfiction) 1899

Priroda i istoriia [Nature and History] (nonfiction) 1900

V mire neiasnogo i nereshennogo [In the Realm of the Unclear and the Undetermined] (nonfiction) 1901

Semeinyi vopros v Rossii [The Family Question in Russia] (nonfiction) 1903

Okolo tserkovnykh sten [By the Church Walls] (nonfiction) 1906

Russkaia tserkov' i drugie stat'i [The Russian Church and Other Essays] (essays) 1906

Ital'ianskie vpechatleniia [Italian Impressions] (nonfiction) 1909

Kogda nachal'stvo ushlo … [When the Bosses Are Gone … ] (nonfiction) 1910

Liudi lunnogo sveta: Metafizika khristianstva [People of the Moonlight: Metaphysics of Christianity] (nonfiction) 1911; revised and expanded edition, 1913

Temnyi lik: Metafizika khristianstva [The Dark Face: Metaphysics of Christianity] (nonfiction) 1911

Uedinennoe (essays) 1912; published as Solitaria, 1927

Literaturnye izgnanniki [Literary Exiles] (nonfiction) 1913

Opavshie list'ia (nonfiction) 1913; published as Fallen Leaves, translated by S. S. Koteliansky, 1929

Sredi khudozhnikov [Among Artists] (nonfiction) 1914

Opavshie list'ia, korob vtoroi [Fallen Leaves, Second Basket] (nonfiction) 1915

Apokalipsis nashego vremeni [The Apocalypse of Our Time] (nonfiction) 1917-1918

Essays in Russian Literature, The Conservative View: Leontiev, Rozanov, Shestov [edited, translated, and with an introduction by Spencer E. Roberts] (essays) 1968

The Apocalypse of Our Time, and Other Writings [edited and with an introduction by Robert Payne and Nikita Romanoff] (nonfiction) 1977

Four Faces of Rozanov: Christianity, Sex, Jews, and the Russian Revolution [translated and with an introduction by Spencer E. Roberts] (nonfiction) 1978