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What kind of love did Veronica show towards her grandfather in Valley Song?

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I think that the nature of love that Veronica showed her grandfather consisted of loyalty, but an understanding that both of them are operating on two fundamentally different frames of reference.  While her grandfather represents the pain and hardship of the past, what Kundera would call the "weight of memory," Veronica represents the lightness within hope and promise of the future.  In this, there is a fundamental tension.  Yet, Veronica shows her love towards her grandfather as being transcendent from this level of difference.  She displays an honoring of his wishes and desire to take care of him.  Even when she is angered with him, she does not leave out of spite and out of a sense of dissolution of the bonds that exist between he and she.  When she does decide to approach him about leaving, she frames her desire to leave in the language of a farmer, relating her need to go as his tending of the pumpkin seed.  In appropriating his language to articulate her dream, Veronica shows how much love she has towards her grandfather and how much respect she has towards him.  Fugard's characterization of her love towards her grandfather is highly redemptive in that it shows how a love for the future does not have be synonymous with a rejection of the past.  When Veronica does leave, she sings a song honoring the land that her father loves, the land upon which she worked, and in doing so represents the nature of her love as both a tender embrace of the past and a confident striding towards the future.

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