Val Lewton Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Panther Skin and Grapes (poetry) 1923

Improved Road (novel) 1925

The Cossack Sword [also published as Rape of Glory and Sword of the Cossack] (novel) 1926

The Green Flag of Jehad (nonfiction) 1926

The Theatre of Casanova (nonfiction) 1927

The Women of Casanova (nonfiction) 1927

Manual and History of Cosmetics [as Sidney Valentine] (nonfiction) 1930

The Rogue Song (screenplay novelization) 1930

The Fateful Star Murder [as H. C. Kerkow] (novel) 1931

The Unemployed Working Girl in the Present Crisis (nonfiction) 1931

Four Wives (novel) 1932

No Bed of Her Own (novel) 1932

Where the Cobra Sings [as Cosmo Forbes] (novel) 1932

Yearly Lease (novel) 1932

A Laughing Woman [as Carlos Keith] (novel) 1933

Rasputin and the Empress (screenplay novelization) 1933

This Fool Passion [as Carlos Keith] (novel) 1934

Cat People [producer; directed by Jacques Tourneur] (film) 1942

The Ghost Ship [producer; directed by Mark Robson] (film) 1943

I Walked with a Zombie [producer; directed by Jacques Tourneur] (film) 1943

The Leopard Man [producer; directed by Jacques Tourneur] (film) 1943

The Seventh Victim [producer; directed by Mark Robson] (film) 1943

The Curse of the Cat People [producer; directed by Robert Wise and Gunther von Fritsch] (film) 1944

Mademoiselle Fifi [producer; directed by Robert Wise] (film) 1944

Youth Runs Wilds [producer; directed by Mark Robson] (film) 1944

The Body Snatcher [producer; directed by Robert Wise] (film) 1945

Isle of the Dead [producer; directed by Mark Robson] (film) 1945

Bedlam [producer; directed by Mark Robson] (film) 1946

My Own True Love [producer; directed by Compton Bennett] (film) 1949

Please Believe Me [producer; directed by Norman Taurog] (film) 1950

Apache Drums [producer; directed by Hugo Fregonese] (film) 1951