Utopian Literature of the Renaissance Utopian Ideals: The Renaissance Country House - Essay

Utopian Ideals: The Renaissance Country House

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Lewis Mumford (essay date 1922)

SOURCE: An excerpt from The Story of Utopias, 1922. Reprint by The Viking Press, 1962, pp. 196-211.

[In the following excerpt from his survey of Utopian thought, Mumford discusses the place of social myth in utopianism, focusing on the Renaissance ideal of the Country House: "the chief pattern by means of which the mediaeval order was transformed into the modern order. "]

To understand the utopia of the Country House we must jump back a few centuries in history.

Anyone who has ranged through the European castles that were built before the fourteenth century will realize that they were no more...

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