Utopian Literature of the Renaissance Origins In Mythology - Essay

Origins In Mythology

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Robert C. Elliott (essay date 1970)

SOURCE: "Saturnalia, Satire, and Utopia," in The Shape of Utopia: Studies in a Literary Genre, The University of Chicago Press, 1970, pp. 3-24.

[In the following essay, Elliott presents argues that "utopia is the secularization of the myth of the Golden Age, " and that "utopia and satire are ancestrally linked in the celebration of Saturn."]

Engels once spoke of Charles Fourier, the nineteenth century's complete utopian, as one of the greatest satirists of all time. The conjunction may seem odd; we normally think of utopia as associated with the ideal, satire with the actual, which (man and his institutions...

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