A User's Guide to Bypass Surgery Summary
by Ted Klein

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A User’s Guide to Bypass Surgery

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Ted Klein was sixty-two years old in 1989, when he underwent the procedure commonly known as bypass surgery. His recovery went well, and six years later he still did not regret having made the choice for surgical intervention. Nevertheless, the experience left him somewhat scarred, both physically and emotionally, and writing this book was part of his attempt to both undo that damage and help others avoid the pitfalls he encountered.

A USER’S GUIDE TO BYPASS SURGERY is a highly personal account, but that is to its benefit. Klein’s experiences, though naturally individualized, are clearly not unique; indeed, his detailed recitation of events and his reactions to them is likely to be as helpful to readers as the more objective information he supplies. Of the latter there is much—although it is judiciously selected and always couched in everyday language in order to keep it accessible. Readers will find here not only a description of bypass surgery but also information about alternatives. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers are provided, as is a thorough summary of the famous Pritikin Program (including sample recipes to give readers a flavor of what this nonsurgical alternative treatment involves).

This book will be a boon to the roughly half million individuals who, each year, are faced with difficult decisions about how to cope with coronary disease. They will find A USER’S GUIDE TO BYPASS SURGERY an invaluable reference tool as well as a compelling story, which can be dipped into or read cover to cover as a narrative, not a case study.