U.S.S.A. Summary
by David Madsen

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U.S.S.A. Summary

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

David Madsen’s U.S.S.A. is a journey into the demented world of post-World War III Russia, occupied by American forces, prey to all the ills of its own and its conquerors’ past, and infected with the plague whose threat haunts the twentieth century—nuclear disaster.

Within this setting, a bizarre and strangely horrific murder has been committed in the Kosmos Hotel. Dean Joplin, a former CIA agent reduced to minor detective work, haunted by his past and by his failed marriage, is recruited by Richard Gardner, homicide detective, to help in the case, the repercussions of which could prove embarrassing to the Americans. So begins Joplin’s quest, which takes him, following a trail of corpses, into the corrupt and corrupted heart of the occupied country. Madsen’s book offers a disturbingly familiar look into two societies whose worst elements combine to form a strangely believable nightmare.