Ursula Holden Victoria Glendinning - Essay

Victoria Glendinning

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

"I longed to be dependent always, on somebody dependable," says Eve in the "The Cloud Catchers." This unrealizable longing echoes through the four very English novels of Ursula Holden…—her most recent, "The Cloud Catchers," and a stouter volume, "Fallen Angels," which comprises three short earlier novels, "Endless Race" (1975), "String Horses" (1977) and "Turnstiles" (1979). All have been received with almost unqualified praise by British critics, who have repeatedly compared the author with Muriel Spark and Beryl Bainbridge. If Ursula Holden is like anyone, however, it is Jean Rhys. ("I don't write like Jean Rhys," she has said, "but I feel like her.") These are "women's books" in the old-fashioned sense that...

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