Ursula Holden Jonathan Keates

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Jonathan Keates

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Endless Race introduces Ursula Holden, a writer of … finesse, whose chosen theme is the unsteady and retarded progress towards adulthood of nervous Pauline, condemned to a curious, apparently perpetual rivalry with her brother Godfrey. The officer-class world in which they are reared … is brilliantly sketched, and heightened, what is more, by Miss Holden's telling sense of period. Excellent, too, is the way in which she contrives to make such callous circumstances as her flat catching fire turn Pauline away from the sort of aimless naïveté her life at first encourages.

Jonathan Keates, "Talent Spot," in New Statesman (© 1975 The Statesman & Nation Publishing Co. Ltd.), Vol. 90, No. 2313, July 18, 1975, p. 88.∗