Ursula Holden Anita Brookner - Essay

Anita Brookner

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

If you are a former artist's model who wears shawls, never washes her feet, and is indifferent to the mice tracking through the fat in her frying-pan; if you prefer sleeping on the floor to sharing your husband's timid penchant for clean sheets; if your best friend is a mad palmist called Lady Podesta Doge; if you really love your brother-in-law, a creator of constructivist sculptures composed of dismembered dolls and fruit machines and given names like "Fruition" and "Pulse"; and if you call your baby Tangerine, you will feel an initial sympathy with the heroine of [Turnstiles]. But be warned. Your husband will decamp to Dorset to write his autobiographical masterpiece, having vomited over the branch library...

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