Unspeakable Summary
by Sandra Brown

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(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The Corbett Cattle Ranch in Blewer County seems tranquil as a prairie breeze. For widowed Anna Corbett, who is deaf since birth, life is not as serene as the terrain. Her five-year-old son, David, is growing up without his father, who died from the effects of the Gulf War before David was born. Plus, Anna does not trust the sudden appearance of Jack Sawyer, a drifter who pleads with Delray Corbett, Anna’s father-in-law and the proprietor of the ranch, for a job.

Delray doesn’t trust Sawyer either. David idolizes Sawyer, and the man certainly delivers on his promise of a hard day’s work every day, wanting only the shelter of a seldom used trailer on the ranch in return. But Delray correctly suspects that there is more to the man. Plus, Delray does not believe in coincidences, and he has just received the most sinister news: Carl Herbold, a psychotic killer, has escaped from prison a few states away. Delray is certain that Herbold and his paroled brother Cecil are headed his way, to exact revenge for a buried, bitter past.

News of the escape reaches Blewer County. Recently retired sheriff Ezzy Hardge has long suspected the Herbolds of complicity in the murder of a local young woman twenty-two long years ago. But he never could prove the connection, and after the brothers were arrested in a distant state, Hardge could only brood with increasing intensity as the years passed.

Sandra Brown offers a well-paced story in UNSPEAKABLE, one that ignites with action as the characters finally converge in furious conflict at the Corbett Ranch.