The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Undine is the story of a water-spirit’s quest for a soul, of the stringent conditions that subsequently apply to her remaining in the human world, and of the tragedy that overtakes her, then her husband, as a result of his unfaithfulness in marriage. An old fisherman and his wife live in their cottage by a lake, separated from the city by a dark forest filled with frightening specters. Late in life, they have a daughter, but she apparently drowns. Shortly afterward, a richly dressed child called Undine appears, soaking wet, at their door.

When Undine is eighteen years old, water-spirits lead two visitors to the cottage, then create a storm to keep them there. One of the visitors, a knight named Huldbrand of Ringstetten, falls in love with Undine. The other visitor, Father Heilmann, marries them.

After the wedding night, Undine is transformed because she has acquired a human soul. She reveals her true nature as a water-spirit to her husband, who chooses to remain with her. On their way back to the city, a tall man in white appears to them in the forest and wishes to talk to the bride. It is Uncle Kühleborn, the most powerful water-spirit in the region. Undine no longer wants anything to do with him. Huldbrand draws his sword to protect her, and Kühleborn turns into a torrent of water, telling Huldbrand always to guard his wife that well.

In the city, the only person who is not happy that Huldbrand has reappeared with an...

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