Does Demetrio Macias die in The Underdogs?

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Demetrio Macias dies at the end of the story.

After the federal soldiers that he lets go come back and raid his lands, Macias decides to fight for the outlaws. He leaves home and stays away for two years. In that time, he gains and loses support from different factions and falls for another woman. When he returns home, he isn't ready to return to the peaceful life he had before.

Federal soldiers come and attack Macias and the rest of the outlaws. They're outgunned and outnumbered; all of them die there on the field. It's the same place where they originally beat the soldiers for the first time. Azuela writes:

At the foot of a hollow, sumptuous and huge as the portico of an old cathedral, Demetrio Macias, his eyes leveled in an eternal glance, continues to point the barrel of his gun.

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Demetrio Macias is a member of a band of revolutionaries who fight to rid Mexico of the oppression of the Federales during the Mexican revolutionary war of 1910. Macias is a rancher who has a earned a reputation for bravery during the many confrontations with the Federales. At the end of the book Macias is in a desperate battle for his life of which there appears no escape. However rather than confirming Macias death the author leaves us with a vision of Demetrio Macias still fighting for his life and cause. Though it is highly probable that he does get killed, the author leaves it up to us to decide.

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