Under the Yoke Characters
by Ivan Vazov

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Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

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Ivan Kralich

Ivan Kralich (ih-VAHN KRAH-lihch), a Bulgarian patriot who has escaped after eight years of imprisonment by the Turks. He eludes pursuit and, having changed his name, finds a job teaching school. He is still a revolutionary, however, and after suspicion forces him to flee again, he leads a revolt that is soon crushed. Once more a fugitive, he takes refuge in a mill, where his sweetheart and an old comrade join him. All three are killed after a valiant struggle during an attack on the mill.


Rada (RAH-duh), a gentle orphan who teaches school. She and Kralich fall in love, and she goes to a nearby village to join him, but a misunderstanding and a crushed revolt force them to part. Rada, learning that Kralich is hiding in the mill, goes to aid him. There, she is killed in the Turkish attack.


Sokolov (soh-koh-LOHF), an eccentric Bulgarian. He is the village doctor, though without formal training, and a patriot. He is often a fugitive from the Turks. He dies in the attack on the mill with Rada and Kralich.


Marika (mah-RIH-kuh), the miller’s young daughter. Kralich, hiding in the mill, is able to save her from attack by two Turkish policemen. She and her father then aid the fugitive.


Marko (MAHR-koh), a Bulgarian patriot who aids Kralich and Sokolov.


Mouratliski (mew-raht-LIHS-kih), Kralich’s friend and fellow patriot, also a fugitive from the Turks. He poses as an Austrian photographer.


Ivan, called Kill-the-Bear, a giant, one of the members of Kralich’s group.


Kandov (KAHN-dof), a student who makes Rada miserable by following her about. His attentions and pursuit are the cause of a misunderstanding between Kralich and Rada.