Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Kirylo Sidorovich Razumov

Kirylo Sidorovich Razumov (kih-RIH-loh sih-DOH-roh-vihch rah-ZEW-mov), an idealist and a student at St. Petersburg University. His background is strange and unknown; he has a mysterious benefactor but no family. Returning to his rooms one night, he finds Victor Haldin, a fellow student and casual acquaintance, who confesses that he has assassinated a minister of state. Haldin confidently asks Razumov’s help in making his escape, and Razumov promises it. Instead, he secretly betrays the assassin to the police. Because his name is now linked with Haldin’s, the dead man’s friends accept Razumov as a revolutionary. He is sent to Geneva as a police spy to report on the activities of the revolutionists there. He falls in love with Haldin’s sister. After he has received information that makes him safe from detection, he confesses his true role to Miss Haldin and to the revolutionists, who beat him and destroy his hearing. Deaf, he is struck by a tram car that he cannot hear. Crippled for the rest of his life, he is cared for by a compassionate young woman named Tekla.

Victor Haldin

Victor Haldin, the ardent young revolutionist who kills the minister of state with a bomb. Betrayed by Razumov, he is captured and executed.


Ziemianitch (zeh-MYAH-nihch), the cab driver who was to carry Haldin to safety. He is drunk when Razumov...

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