Under the Rose Summary
by Diana Peterfruend

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Under the Rose (2006) is the second novel in Diana Peterfreund's Secret Society Girl series. Eli University student Amy "Bugaboo" Haskel returns, having survived her first year as a member of Rose & Grave, the school's most elite secret society. Amy and the rest of the "Diggirls" receive a threatening letter seeking to destroy the formerly all-male organization.The mysterious message is delivered via Rose & Grave's heavily protected secret e-mail "You think it's over but it's not / From within doth Persephone rot."

Suddenly, Rose & Grave's wealthiest benefactors begin to withdraw their support of the organization. When one of her fellow Diggirls goes missing, Amy and the others Diggirls become increasingly worried. Amy, convinced the threat is from inside the society, is determined to find who is responsible.

As far as Amy's personal life is concerned, her ex-boyfriend has a gorgeous new girlfriend of whom Amy finds herself quite jealous. One of Amy's fellow society members seems smitten with her though she is not so sure that he has eyes only for her. And her roommate has a new boyfriend who is not so sure about committing. On top of everything else, Amy's senior thesis is due and she is not exactly finding the time she needs to work on it.

Unsure who she can trust and who poses a threat, Amy must navigate the conflicts within Rose & Grave both among the Diggirls and between the male and female members in her quest to find the missing student. In the end, Amy and the rest of the Diggers live to see another day but readers have the sense that danger still looms on the horizon for the class of D177 (the 177th class of Rose & Grave Diggers).

Peterfreund's style remains the same, beginning each chapter with a confession and engaging readers to Amy's compulsive list-making. She also provides a satisfying voyeuristic look into secret society life that will satisfy readers.

The Secret Society Girl series is rounded out with Peterfruend's third and fourth novels, Rites of Spring (Break) and Tap & Gown, respectively. Diana Peterfreund, a graduate of Yale University, lives in Washington D.C.