Under the Lion's Paw

by Hamlin Garland

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What is the farmer's wife's name in "Under the Lion's Paw"?

Expert Answers

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Nettie Haskins is the farmer’s wife’s name.

I am not exactly sure which farmer or which wife you mean.  The main character is Tim Haskins, so I am assuming that you mean his wife.  His wife is the one named Nettie Haskins, of course.  There is another farmer’s wife, Mrs. Sarah Council.  The Councils are the family who allow the Haskins to stay at their farm. 

Nettle Haskins is described as pretty but sad.  She has had a hard life.

The woman came to light as a small, timid, and discouraged looking woman, but still pretty, in a thin and sorrowful way.

Tim Haskins and his wife and their children are run off of their farm because of grasshoppers.  The Councils take them in and treat them kindly.  Haskins shows up at their farm basically starving, having no resort left.  He does not want to take charity, but he is relieved at the kindness of the Councils.   Council tells Haskins not to worry, because he needed help and Haskins can make one hundred dollars until next harvest, and then he will find a way to help him get a farm.  He tells Haskins he can buy seed then.

Haskins was silent with emotion, but at last he said, "I ain't got nothin' t' live on."

"Now, don't you worry 'bout that. You jest make your headquarters at ol' Steve Council's. Mother'll take a pile o' comfort in havin' y'r wife an' children 'round.

Mrs. Council does indeed seem to enjoy the children.  She and Mr. Council are good friends to the Haskins family.  They find a farm for him, and help him out over the next few years, being good friends to them even after they stop staying with them.

The life of a farmer is a difficult one.  Even after they get the farm running, things do not get easier once they get swindled into paying more than it is worth.  The family trundles on though.  They are tough, and hard-working.  They have the pioneer spirit.

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