Undaunted Courage Topics for Further Study
by Stephen E. Ambrose

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Topics for Further Study

(Nonfiction Classics for Students)

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Examine early artwork of the American West, such as the paintings by George Catlin. What impression do you get of American Indian tribes or of the geography of the American West? Write a reader’s response to one or more of these pieces of artwork.

Lewis underwent a quick course of scientific study before setting out on the expedition. Conduct research to find out more about early nineteenth-century scientific knowledge and learning. How much help do you think this knowledge lent to Lewis on the expedition? Explain your answer.

Ambrose states that Lewis probably suffered from depression. Find out more about how depression manifests itself and then write your own analysis of whether Lewis seemed to have suffered from depression.

Read another account of the Lewis and Clark expedition and compare it to Undaunted Courage.

Compare the leadership qualities of Lewis and Clark. Which man do you think was a more effective leader? Why do you think as you do? Give examples from the book to support your answer.

Ambrose asserts that Lewis was ‘‘the greatest of all American explorers, and in the top rank of world explorers.’’ Do you agree or disagree with Ambrose? Draw on prior knowledge of famous explorers or conduct research as necessary to support your answer.