Chapter 1: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Mr. Shelby need to sell some of his slaves?

2. Describe why Mr. Shelby thinks that Uncle Tom is a responsible servant.

3. What story does Haley tell to Mr. Shelby in regard to selling slaves?

4. What does Harry do to unintentionally attract Haley’s notice?

5. How does Haley view Mr. Shelby’s kindness toward slaves?

6. What is Mr. Shelby’s religious position compared with Mrs. Shelby’s?

7. What does Eliza suspect about Mr. Shelby’s meeting with Haley?

8. How does Mrs. Shelby detect that something is wrong with Eliza?

9. Why does Mrs. Shelby not believe in Eliza’s fears that Mr. Shelby will sell Harry?

10. Despite benevolent masters such as Mr. Shelby, what does the author point to regarding the inevitable failure of treating slaves like family?

1. Mr. Shelby must sell some slaves, because he is in debt to Haley.

2. Mr. Shelby trusts Tom with responsibilities because Tom is honest and pious. Mr. Shelby had even sent Tom to Cincinnati on a business matter and Tom returned afterwards instead of fleeing.

3. Haley tells Mr. Shelby of an incident in which a trader bought a woman, but did not want her child. Separated roughly from her baby, the slave woman died from overwhelming grief. Haley reassuringly says that he would have treated the situation more gently...

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Chapters 2-3: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does George’s master take him away from the factory?

2. What makes George hold his temper?

3. What earlier tragedy did Eliza go through in her marriage?

4. What does the good-hearted factory employer offer to persuade Mr. Harris to let George stay?

5. What does Mr. Harris think about George’s hemp-cleaning machine?

6. Describe what George tells to Eliza about his experiences on the Harris plantation.

7. Describe what Mr. Harris has planned for George.

8. Why does Eliza fail at first to understand George’s situation?

9. How does George explain to Eliza the reality of their marriage?

10. What does George request that Eliza do for him before he leaves?

1. After seeing George display his talent and good manners, Mr. Harris felt inferior and became determined to put George back in his place.

2. George holds his temper when the sympathetic employer at the factory promises to help him later.

3. Two of Eliza’s children died before she gave birth to Harry.

4. The factory owner offers Mr. Harris more financial compensation.

5. Mr. Harris believes that George invented the hemp-cleaning machine to save time and labor for only himself.

6. George tells Eliza that he was whipped for trying to stop Mr. Harris’s son from beating a horse. He also explains that Mr. Harris forces him to kill his own dog because it was eating too much at Mr. Harris’s expense.

7. Mr. Harris wants George to settle down with a woman on the plantation and ignore Eliza. Otherwise, Mr. Harris would sell George further south to harsher work conditions.

8. Eliza fails to understand the extremity of her husband’s circumstances because she herself had been treated well on the Shelby plantation. Her religious beliefs center on patience and faith when troubled times come.

9. George explains to his wife that their marriage is really nonexistent in the eyes of the law. As slaves, they cannot be married, which is why George wishes that he had never been born. To have known happiness and then have it taken away is a worse feeling.

10. George asks Eliza to pray for him because he believes in her faith.

Chapters 4-5: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What hangs over the fireplace in Uncle Tom’s cabin?

2. What three things does young Master George do on his visit to the cabin?

3. How does Master George jest with Aunt Chloe?

4. From which part of the Bible does Master George read?

5. What makes Mrs. Shelby question her husband about Haley?

6. What does Mrs. Shelby call herself to justify her arguments against selling Harry and Tom?

7. Why does Mrs. Shelby call the deal to sell Harry and Tom “God’s curse on slavery”?

8. How does Mr. Shelby defend himself on religious grounds?

9. Why does Tom decide to stay when Eliza tells him of Mr. Shelby’s intentions?

10. What last instructions does Eliza leave for Tom and Chloe?

1. A portrait of George Washington hangs over the fireplace.

2. Master George teaches Tom how to write, he stays for dinner, and he reads at the prayer meeting.

3. Master George jests with Aunt Chloe by telling her that a servant on another plantation is supposed to be a better cook than her. Chloe pretends to take great offense at this suggestion.

4. George reads the last chapters from Revelations.

5. Mrs. Shelby questions her husband because of Eliza’s earlier fears of Haley’s offer for Harry.

6. Mrs. Shelby calls herself a “Christian woman.”

7. Mrs. Shelby thinks that both masters and slaves are cursed by slavery. Masters sin for dealing in humans as property. Slaves suffer because they cannot live as human beings.

8. Mr. Shelby points to some ministers who defend slavery.

9. Aside from his trustworthiness, Tom remains because he thinks that it is better for him to be sold than to have the whole plantation ruined.

10. She tells them to let her husband George know what has happened, if they see him.

Chapter 6: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Mrs. Shelby find out that Eliza is missing?

2. What is Mr. and Mrs. Shelbys’ reaction to the news of Eliza’s escape?

3. Who is the only servant in the house who is not surprised?

4. What other information shocks the servants?

5. What is Sam’s initial boast to Andy?

6. How does Andy caution Sam regarding the chase?

7. After Haley’s horse bolts, what does Sam do?

8. After Sam catches Haley’s horse, what does he advise?

9. How does Mrs. Shelby contribute to delaying the hunt?

10. What are Sam’s and Andy’s reaction to the success of their delay tactics?

1. Mrs. Shelby keeps ringing for Eliza’s help, but receives no response. She is told by other servants that Eliza has run away.

2. Mrs. Shelby praises God. Mr. Shelby feels awkward since he knows Haley might suspect him of not fulfilling their bargain.

3. Aunt Chloe is not surprised because Eliza told her the escape plan the night before.

4. The news that Uncle Tom has been sold takes the other servants by surprise.

5. Sam boasts that he will be the one to catch Eliza.

6. Andy cautions Sam that Mrs. Shelby does not want Eliza caught. They fear and respect her desires more than Mr. Shelby’s.

7. Sam chases after Haley’s horse. He intentionally frightens the horse more by shouting and waving a palm leaf.

8. Sam advises Haley that the horse must be rubbed down and rested.

9. Mrs. Shelby invites Haley in for dinner.

10. Sam and Andy enjoy a good laugh while discussing their success.

Chapters 7-8: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Eliza take her time walking with Harry?

2. How does Aunt Chloe delay the preparation of dinner at the Shelbys?

3. How does Aunt Chloe react to Tom’s advice to pray for Haley?

4. What is Tom’s concern once he is taken away by Haley?

5. What does Mr. Shelby promise Haley?

6. What does Haley think is the hardest part of slave trading?

7. Describe Loker’s and Marks’s plans once they catch Eliza.

8. What does Haley request from the slavecatchers?

9. How does Sam explain the miracle of Eliza’s escape across the river?

10. What does Aunt Chloe do for Sam upon his return?

1. She takes her time walking with her son so as not to attract anyone’s notice that they are actually running away.

2. Aunt Chloe and her helpers cause numerous accidents in the kitchen to delay dinner.

3. Aunt Chloe says that she cannot pray for the trader’s soul.

4. Tom is worried that the plantation will not be run as effectively once he is gone.

5. Mr. Shelby promises Haley that one thousand dollars will be paid to him if Tom runs away.

6. Haley believes that dealing with children is the most difficult part of his profession, mainly because their mothers put up a fight or flee.

7. Loker and Marks plan on taking Eliza to New Orleans and sell her to the highest bidder.

8. Haley wants a percentage of their profits once they sell Eliza. Loker and Marks refuse.

9. Sam says that Eliza’s escape was helped by divine intervention.

10. Aunt Chloe cooks him a large meal.

Chapter 9: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What issue prompts Mrs. Bird to discuss politics with her husband?

2. What does Mrs. Bird call the Fugitive Slave Law?

3. Why does Senator Bird at first believe that the law is “right and Christian”?

4. What does Senator Bird suggest to his wife when they see Eliza and Harry?

5. How does Eliza gain the sympathy of Mrs. Bird?

6. What do the Birds give to Harry?

7. Why does Senator Bird want to move Eliza and Harry to Van Trompe’s place?

8. Why does Senator Bird himself take them to Van Trompe’s?

9. From where is Van Trompe originally?

10. What does Senator Bird give to Van Trompe to pass...

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Chapter 10: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What chores are Chloe doing for Tom before he leaves?

2. What does Chloe think Mr. Shelby owes Tom?

3. Why does Mrs. Shelby believe that giving money to Tom is not worthwhile?

4. What does Haley do when he takes Tom?

5. What had Master George been doing before he says goodbye to Tom?

6. Where do Haley and Tom stop on their journey?

7. Where does George put the dollar coin that he gives to Tom?

8. What threat does George promise to Haley?

9. What is George ashamed of being?

10. What does Haley promise to Tom?

1. Chloe irons Tom’s clothes and cooks the last...

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Chapter 11: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does George Harris use his appearance to pass as a gentleman?

2. What is ironic about the name that George assumes?

3. What Bible passage does Mr. Wilson quote to George?

4. With what example does George confront Mr. Wilson?

5. How does George convince Mr. Wilson that he is ready to risk escape and even death?

6. What ideas about government does George get from listening to Fourth of July speeches?

7. What did George’s father do to his family?

8. Who encouraged George to read and write?

9. What country does George feel safe to call his own?

10. What last instructions does George leave for...

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Chapter 12: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where do Haley and Uncle Tom stay while in Washington, D.C.?

2. What does Aunt Hagar promise to Haley if he buys her together with her son?

3. What is Albert’s special relationship to his mother?

4. Which passenger on the riverboat quotes the Bible to defend slavery?

5. Which passenger comments adversely on slavery and questions Haley?

6. How does Haley defend his position as a trader?

7. What makes some passengers think more about the horrors of slavery?

8. Why does Haley sell Lucy’s child to the stranger?

9. Who first discovers that Lucy has jumped overboard?

10. How does Haley feel about...

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Chapter 13: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Rachel Halliday ask about Eliza’s plans?

2. What does Rachel offer Eliza?

3. Why does Eliza decline Rachel’s offer?

4. What does Ruth Stedman bring for Harry?

5. To whom does Simeon Halliday first tell the news of George Harris’ arrival?

6. Who tells Eliza the news of her husband’s coming?

7. What does Eliza dream about during her fainting spell?

8. What must Simeon do if he is caught helping the Harrises escape?

9. What does George worry about regarding the Hallidays?

10. What does Simeon advise George to do regarding the escape plans?


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Chapters 14-15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What makes Tom think of his old home in Kentucky?

2. How does Tom first attract Eva’s attention?

3. Why does St. Clare kid Haley about Tom’s piousness?

4. Why is Tom offended when St. Clare buys him?

5. From where did the St. Clare family originate?

6. Which of his parents does St. Clare take after?

7. What event reawakens St. Clare’s tenderness and interest in his marriage?

8. What does Miss Ophelia consider the “great sin of sins”?

9. What gifts does St. Clare bring to his wife?

10. What does Miss Ophelia prescribe as a cure for Marie’s headache?


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Chapter 16: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does St. Clare tell Marie that her chores and worries will lessen?

2. In what ways does Marie think that her servants are spoiled?

3. Why does Marie believe that her daughter Eva is peculiar?

4. What does Marie criticize about her husband’s treatment of the servants?

5. Despite her silence at Marie’s talks about the servants, how does Miss Ophelia really feel about St. Clare’s wife?

6. How does Ophelia react when she sees Eva embracing Uncle Tom?

7. What is Uncle Tom’s job at the St. Clare residence when he is not the coachman?

8. What explanation does St. Clare give for not attending church services?...

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Chapter 17: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What occupation does Eliza hope to pursue when she gets to Canada?

2. What does George plan on doing for his master and Mr. Shelby?

3. What does George bring out when he hears the news of slave catchers being nearby?

4. Why does Phineas go along with the party of escaped slaves?

5. At what sport does Phineas excel?

6. What does Ruth Stedman bring for the Harris family?

7. Who fires the first shot at George?

8. Why do the slave catchers leave Tom Loker?

9. When Phineas binds Loker’s wounds, who does the slave catcher mistake him for?

10. What do Eliza and Jim’s mother worry about regarding...

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Chapters 18-19: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Tom say to make St. Clare stop drinking?

2. What is Old Dinah’s rule to live by in the kitchen?

3. What does Prue bring with her to sell?

4. What does Miss Ophelia think about Prue and her habits?

5. When Uncle Tom tells Prue about heaven, why does she think that she will hate it there?

6. What reason does St. Clare give as a defense against whipping a slave to death?

7. What has St. Clare been tempted to do when he seriously thinks about the effects of slavery, especially on children?

8. What does St. Clare point to in New England that makes that region less righteous in its stance against slavery?


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Chapter 20: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Topsy do at St. Clare’s request to show Miss Ophelia?

2. How does Ophelia protest the imposition of Topsy upon her?

3. How did St. Clare first learn about Topsy?

4. What does Ophelia see on Topsy when giving her a bath?

5. Why does Topsy not know who her parents are, or how old she is?

6. What does Ophelia first teach Topsy how to do?

7. Why does Topsy confess to stealing things that she did not take?

8. What does Eva command of the other servants regarding Topsy?

9. Why does Ophelia give in to whipping Topsy?

10. What does St. Clare disapprove of in Ophelia’s education of Topsy?...

(The entire section is 262 words.)

Chapter 21: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. When does Mrs. Shelby decide to talk to Mr. Shelby about buying Tom?

2. What is Mr. Shelby’s initial reaction to hearing that Tom is being treated well?

3. What is Mrs. Shelby’s first suggestion to her husband for raising money to buy Tom?

4. What is Mrs. Shelby’s second suggestion after Mr. Shelby rejects her first?

5. In what roundabout way does Chloe bring up the subject of working for a baker to earn money?

6. Where is the baker located?

7. How did Chloe learn about working for the baker?

8. How much would Chloe earn from her work?

9. What does Chloe ask Mrs. Shelby about Louisville?


(The entire section is 256 words.)

Chapters 22-24: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Uncle Tom hear about his family on the Shelby plantation?

2. What prompts Eva to think about heaven as she and Tom sit by the lake?

3. Whom does Eva decide to teach how to read after her mother scoffs at the idea?

4. Why does Henrique strike Dodo?

5. What saying does Augustine St. Clare quote to his brother regarding the dangers of Henrique’s loss of self-control?

6. What does St. Clare worry about after Eva and Henrique return from their ride?

7. Who first brings Eva’s state of health to the attention of Augustine and Marie St. Clare?

8. What does Eva wish to her father regarding the servants?


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Chapters 25-27: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where was Miss Ophelia when Topsy cut up the bonnet?

2. What does Marie St. Clare advise that Ophelia should do with Topsy?

3. What does Eva’s lecture to Topsy remind St. Clare of?

4. What reasoning does Eva give to try to convince her mother of Topsy’s goodness?

5. Why does Eva give everyone a lock of her hair?

6. What service does Uncle Tom perform for Eva during her last days?

7. After Eva dies, what does Topsy still want to bring into the bedroom?

8. When St. Clare does not weep at his daughter’s death, what does Marie think?

9. When St. Clare reads Eva’s Bible, what does he confess to Tom?...

(The entire section is 230 words.)

Chapters 28-29: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does St. Clare feel that with Eva’s death, he has lost everything?

2. Why does St. Clare keep company with Tom more and more?

3. Before his plans to return to Kentucky, what does Tom promise to do for St. Clare?

4. Why does Miss Ophelia want to legally own Topsy?

5. What is St. Clare’s concern once the servants are emancipated?

6. Why are the servants worried about their future?

7. What does Marie intend to prove by sending Rosa to the whipping-house?

8. How does Tom hear about the servants being sold?

9. How does Miss Ophelia invoke Eva’s and St. Clare’s names to argue for Tom’s freedom?...

(The entire section is 312 words.)

Chapters 30-32: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Tom bring with him to the slave warehouse?

2. Why are some of the bidders unwilling to buy St. Clare’s servants?

3. What last words of advice does Susan give to Emmeline?

4. What does Simon Legree want to know about Tom before the auction?

5. When Susan is bought by a humane gentleman, what does he try to do at her request?

6. When Simon Legree searches through Tom’s possessions, what does he find that tells him that Tom is religious?

7. What plans does Legree have for Tom and Emmeline?

8. Why does Legree frequently purchase slaves?

9. Why is Legree’s plantation run-down?


(The entire section is 288 words.)

Chapters 33-34: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Legree want to break Tom’s gentle character?

2. What does Tom notice about Lucy that makes him help her in the fields?

3. When Sambo catches Tom helping Lucy, what is Legree’s reaction when he learns about it?

4. What does Tom declare that he would rather do than whip somebody?

5. How does Legree try to argue his case on religious grounds for Tom to obey him?

6. When Legree says that he has purchased Tom body and soul, what is Tom’s reply?

7. What does Cassy suggest that Tom give up after his beating?

8. How long has Cassy been on the Legree plantation?

9. From where is Cassy originally?...

(The entire section is 259 words.)

Chapters 35-36: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Whom does Legree first blame for the misjudgment of beating Tom?

2. What made Legree send Cassy to work in the fields?

3. Why did Cassy return to Legree’s house after laboring in the fields?

4. What does Sambo think that Tom’s coin and lock of hair are?

5. Of what does Eva’s curls remind Legree?

6. What does Emmeline say that she is not afraid of?

7. How does Cassy respond to Emmeline’s wishes to escape?

8. How does Emmeline respond to Cassy’s longing for death?

9. What does Cassy tell Legree regarding her part in managing the plantation?

10. Why does Cassy know that Tom will never...

(The entire section is 248 words.)

Chapter 37: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Tom Loker grumble about regarding his care by Aunt Dorcas?

2. What does Loker warn Aunt Dorcas about regarding the Harris family?

3. What bothers Aunt Dorcas about Tom Loker’s behavior?

4. What concerns does George have about the escape plan?

5. What does Eliza wear to disguise herself as a man?

6. What is Mrs. Smyth’s role in the escape plan?

7. From where is Mrs. Smyth originally?

8. What does George overhear as he boards the boat?

9. At which town in Canada does the Harris family arrive?

10. Where do the Harrises stay once they have reached Canada?


(The entire section is 214 words.)

Chapters 38-40: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Legree now work his slaves every day?

2. What is Tom too exhausted to do in his leisure time?

3. What does Legree suggest that Tom do with his Bible?

4. What arouses Tom from his spiritual lethargy?

5. When Tom becomes more cheerful, what explanation does Sambo suggest to Legree for this change?

6. What legend haunts the garret in Legree’s house?

7. What does Cassy put into the knothole in the garret?

8. What does Legree notice about the book that Cassy has been reading?

9. Regarding the capture of Cassy and Emmeline, what orders does Legree give to Sambo and Quimbo?

10. Why does...

(The entire section is 288 words.)

Chapters 41-42: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Legree’s initial reaction to Master George’s inquiries about Tom?

2. What had some of Legree’s other slaves been doing for Tom?

3. What does Tom request of Master George regarding Tom’s family?

4. What does Tom ask of Master George when the boy expresses his anger about Legree?

5. What does Master George bury with Tom?

6. Who are the “ghosts” that haunt the Legree house?

7. What image continues to terrorize Legree?

8. Why does Master George initially offer his assistance to Cassy?

9. What is Madame de Thoux’s purpose in going to Kentucky?

10. How does Cassy discover that...

(The entire section is 304 words.)

Chapters 43-44: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What occupation does George have in Canada?

2. Who are the Harrises’ visitors when they are sitting down for tea?

3. How does Cassy react when she sees her granddaughter Little Eliza?

4. What does George desire when his sister Emily provides him with funds?

5. Although George is a mulatto, his father being white and his mother black, where do his sympathies lie?

6. Why does George opt to help Africans rather that enslaved blacks in America?

7. What makes Mrs. Shelby uneasy when she receives a letter from Master George, who is on his way home?

8. What does Aunt Chloe do with the money she had raised to buy Tom when...

(The entire section is 312 words.)

Chapter 45: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does the author include real life incidents in the final chapter?

2. With what anecdote did the author’s brother provide her regarding the character for Simon Legree?

3. What does Stowe say is the only thing that would protect a slave from abuse?

4. What law prompted Stowe to write Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

5. What effects does slavery have on its victims?

6. What is the most sought after goal that freed slaves desire?

7. Where did Stowe gain some of her personal knowledge of slavery?

8. How does the author view the role of the church?

9. What is the author’s intent by listing several free blacks’...

(The entire section is 264 words.)