Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 41-42: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapters 41-42: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Legree’s initial reaction to Master George’s inquiries about Tom?

2. What had some of Legree’s other slaves been doing for Tom?

3. What does Tom request of Master George regarding Tom’s family?

4. What does Tom ask of Master George when the boy expresses his anger about Legree?

5. What does Master George bury with Tom?

6. Who are the “ghosts” that haunt the Legree house?

7. What image continues to terrorize Legree?

8. Why does Master George initially offer his assistance to Cassy?

9. What is Madame de Thoux’s purpose in going to Kentucky?

10. How does Cassy discover that her daughter Eliza had worked for the Shelbys?

1. Legree is initially angered by the fact that he lost money on Tom and accuses him of helping Cassy and Emmeline run away.

2. They had been trying their best to nurse Tom, giving him water to drink.

3. Tom requests that Master George not tell Chloe and his family about how he had died since it would cause further grief.

4. Tom asks that Master George not lose his temper at Legree since Tom believes that Legree’s soul has already been lost.

5. Master George buries his own cloak with Tom since it is the only thing left that Master George can give him.

6. Cassy and Emmeline are the “ghosts” in Legree’s house.

7. The image of his dead mother continues to terrorize him.

8. He initially offers his help to Cassy because he thinks she is ill, although Cassy is pretending so that she can hide in her room and not attract notice.

9. Madame de Thoux’s purpose is to search for her brother in Kentucky.

10. Cassy discovers that her daughter had worked for the Shelbys when Master George recounts that Eliza had been bought from a man named Simmons, who sold her away from Cassy.