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Chapters 4-5: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What hangs over the fireplace in Uncle Tom’s cabin?

2. What three things does young Master George do on his visit to the cabin?

3. How does Master George jest with Aunt Chloe?

4. From which part of the Bible does Master George read?

5. What makes Mrs. Shelby question her husband about Haley?

6. What does Mrs. Shelby call herself to justify her arguments against selling Harry and Tom?

7. Why does Mrs. Shelby call the deal to sell Harry and Tom “God’s curse on slavery”?

8. How does Mr. Shelby defend himself on religious grounds?

9. Why does Tom decide to stay when Eliza tells him of Mr. Shelby’s intentions?

10. What last instructions does Eliza leave for Tom and Chloe?

1. A portrait of George Washington hangs over the fireplace.

2. Master George teaches Tom how to write, he stays for dinner, and he reads at the prayer...

(The entire section is 290 words.)