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Chapters 33-34: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Legree want to break Tom’s gentle character?

2. What does Tom notice about Lucy that makes him help her in the fields?

3. When Sambo catches Tom helping Lucy, what is Legree’s reaction when he learns about it?

4. What does Tom declare that he would rather do than whip somebody?

5. How does Legree try to argue his case on religious grounds for Tom to obey him?

6. When Legree says that he has purchased Tom body and soul, what is Tom’s reply?

7. What does Cassy suggest that Tom give up after his beating?

8. How long has Cassy been on the Legree plantation?

9. From where is Cassy originally?

10. What happened to Cassy’s last child when the others were sold from her?

1. Legree...

(The entire section is 259 words.)