Chapters 30-32: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Tom bring with him to the slave warehouse?

2. Why are some of the bidders unwilling to buy St. Clare’s servants?

3. What last words of advice does Susan give to Emmeline?

4. What does Simon Legree want to know about Tom before the auction?

5. When Susan is bought by a humane gentleman, what does he try to do at her request?

6. When Simon Legree searches through Tom’s possessions, what does he find that tells him that Tom is religious?

7. What plans does Legree have for Tom and Emmeline?

8. Why does Legree frequently purchase slaves?

9. Why is Legree’s plantation run-down?

10. Describe Sambo and Quimbo.

1. He brings with him a trunk full of clothes.

2. Some bidders are unwilling to buy St. Clare’s servants because they are thought to be too indulged and lazy.

3. In case they are separated, Susan tells her daughter to remember her Christian upbringing.

4. Legree questions Tom about where he was raised and what chores he did.

5. He tries to bid for Susan’s daughter, Emmeline, but ultimately loses to Simon Legree.

6. Legree finds a Methodist hymn book among Tom’s possessions.

7. He plans on using Tom to manage the plantation. Legree also wants to make Emmeline his mistress.

8. He finds buying slaves frequently is cheaper than actually taking care of them for long-term use.

9. Legree’s plantation is rundown because he is too busy making money to take care of his place.

10. Sambo and Quimbo are vicious slaves who help Legree run the plantation. Legree has fostered a distrust and hatred between the two, so that they could tell on each other or on the fieldhands. By this method, Legree would be aware of what happens on his plantation.

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