Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 25-27: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapters 25-27: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where was Miss Ophelia when Topsy cut up the bonnet?

2. What does Marie St. Clare advise that Ophelia should do with Topsy?

3. What does Eva’s lecture to Topsy remind St. Clare of?

4. What reasoning does Eva give to try to convince her mother of Topsy’s goodness?

5. Why does Eva give everyone a lock of her hair?

6. What service does Uncle Tom perform for Eva during her last days?

7. After Eva dies, what does Topsy still want to bring into the bedroom?

8. When St. Clare does not weep at his daughter’s death, what does Marie think?

9. When St. Clare reads Eva’s Bible, what does he confess to Tom?

10. What does St. Clare request of Tom?

1. Miss Ophelia had gone to a Methodist meeting with Eva.

2. She advises Ophelia to whip Topsy.

3. Eva reminds St. Clare of his own mother.

4. Eva tells her mother that God had made everyone, and therefore everyone had a soul that required nurturing.

5. Eva gives everyone a lock of her hair so that they are reminded that she loves them and will see them in heaven.

6. Tom carries Eva around the house and gardens.

7. Topsy still wants to bring in flowers.

8. Marie mistakenly thinks that St. Clare had no sympathy for Eva.

9. He confesses to Tom that he still cannot believe in religion.

10. He requests that Tom pray for him.