Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 22-24: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapters 22-24: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Uncle Tom hear about his family on the Shelby plantation?

2. What prompts Eva to think about heaven as she and Tom sit by the lake?

3. Whom does Eva decide to teach how to read after her mother scoffs at the idea?

4. Why does Henrique strike Dodo?

5. What saying does Augustine St. Clare quote to his brother regarding the dangers of Henrique’s loss of self-control?

6. What does St. Clare worry about after Eva and Henrique return from their ride?

7. Who first brings Eva’s state of health to the attention of Augustine and Marie St. Clare?

8. What does Eva wish to her father regarding the servants?

9. What sufferings does Eva refer to when talking about the servants?

10. What does St. Clare promise to do for Eva after she dies?

1. He hears about his family from a letter he received from young Master George, who had written for Aunt Chloe.

2. She reads a Bible passage, “And I saw a sea of glass, mingled with fire,” that prompts her thoughts on heaven.

3. Eva decides to teach Mammy how to read.

4. He strikes Dodo because Henrique’s horse has dirt on it, and Henrique thinks that Dodo failed to clean it properly.

5. Augustine quotes, “They that cannot govern themselves cannot govern others.”

6. He worries about his daughter’s health, seeing that she is fatigued by the ride.

7. Miss Ophelia brings the news of Eva’s declining health to her parents, but neither Augustine nor Marie are initially willing to believe it.

8. She wishes that the servants were all free.

9. She talks about how Prue’s and Mammy’s children had been taken from them.

10. He promises to free Tom.