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Chapters 2-3: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does George’s master take him away from the factory?

2. What makes George hold his temper?

3. What earlier tragedy did Eliza go through in her marriage?

4. What does the good-hearted factory employer offer to persuade Mr. Harris to let George stay?

5. What does Mr. Harris think about George’s hemp-cleaning machine?

6. Describe what George tells to Eliza about his experiences on the Harris plantation.

7. Describe what Mr. Harris has planned for George.

8. Why does Eliza fail at first to understand George’s situation?

9. How does George explain to Eliza the reality of their marriage?

10. What does George request that Eliza do for him before he leaves?

1. After seeing George display his talent and good manners, Mr. Harris felt inferior and became determined to put George back in his place.

2. George holds his temper when the sympathetic employer at the factory promises to help him later.

3. Two of Eliza’s children died before she gave birth to Harry.

4. The factory owner offers Mr. Harris more financial compensation.


(The entire section is 353 words.)