Chapters 18-19: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Tom say to make St. Clare stop drinking?

2. What is Old Dinah’s rule to live by in the kitchen?

3. What does Prue bring with her to sell?

4. What does Miss Ophelia think about Prue and her habits?

5. When Uncle Tom tells Prue about heaven, why does she think that she will hate it there?

6. What reason does St. Clare give as a defense against whipping a slave to death?

7. What has St. Clare been tempted to do when he seriously thinks about the effects of slavery, especially on children?

8. What does St. Clare point to in New England that makes that region less righteous in its stance against slavery?

9. Why does Miss Ophelia think that St. Clare’s comparison of American slave holders to English capitalists is inaccurate?

10. What does St. Clare predict will happen sooner or later with the slaves and other workers in the world?

1. Tom says that St. Clare has been kind to everyone except to himself, and that St. Clare should look after his own body and soul.

2. Her rule is that “the cook can do no wrong.”

3. Prue brings along some rusks, or biscuits, to sell.

4. She calls Prue “very wicked and very foolish.”

5. Prue thinks that she will not like heaven because her hard master and other white people will be there.

6. He states that masters should have an interest in maintaining their property, and slaves fall under this category.

7. He is tempted to curse his country and the whole human race.

8. St. Clare’s father and an overseer on the father’s plantation were from Vermont. These people were thus involved directly in the business of slavery.

9. She thinks that St. Clare’s comparison is inaccurate because English capitalists do not sell families away from each other or whip them to death.

10. He predicts that a mass revolution will occur.

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