Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 14-15 Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapters 14-15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What makes Tom think of his old home in Kentucky?

2. How does Tom first attract Eva’s attention?

3. Why does St. Clare kid Haley about Tom’s piousness?

4. Why is Tom offended when St. Clare buys him?

5. From where did the St. Clare family originate?

6. Which of his parents does St. Clare take after?

7. What event reawakens St. Clare’s tenderness and interest in his marriage?

8. What does Miss Ophelia consider the “great sin of sins”?

9. What gifts does St. Clare bring to his wife?

10. What does Miss Ophelia prescribe as a cure for Marie’s headache?

1. Tom sees other slaves on other plantations as he passes by on the riverboat.

2. He makes her toys out of cherry stones and hickory nuts.

3. St. Clare believes that enough pious politicians have already ruined the country.

4. St. Clare warns him that Tom may be allowed to be drunk only once a week. Tom is hurt by this comment because he does not drink at all.

5. They originated from Canada. One side traveled south to Louisiana (where St. Clare’s family lives), and one to Vermont (Miss Ophelia’s side of the family).

6. St. Clare takes after his mother.

7. The birth of Eva reawakens St. Clare’s passion.

8. She considers “shiftlessness,” or laziness, as the greatest sin.

9. He gives Marie a picture of himself and Eva, as well as Tom to serve as her coachman.

10. She prescribes juniper berry tea.