Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 6: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapter 6: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does Mrs. Shelby find out that Eliza is missing?

2. What is Mr. and Mrs. Shelbys’ reaction to the news of Eliza’s escape?

3. Who is the only servant in the house who is not surprised?

4. What other information shocks the servants?

5. What is Sam’s initial boast to Andy?

6. How does Andy caution Sam regarding the chase?

7. After Haley’s horse bolts, what does Sam do?

8. After Sam catches Haley’s horse, what does he advise?

9. How does Mrs. Shelby contribute to delaying the hunt?

10. What are Sam’s and Andy’s reaction to the success of their delay tactics?

1. Mrs. Shelby keeps ringing for Eliza’s help, but receives no response. She is told by other servants that Eliza has run away.

2. Mrs. Shelby praises God. Mr. Shelby feels awkward since he knows Haley might suspect him of not fulfilling their bargain.

3. Aunt Chloe is not surprised because Eliza told her the escape plan the night before.

4. The news that Uncle Tom has been sold takes the other servants by surprise.

5. Sam boasts that he will be the one to catch Eliza.

6. Andy cautions Sam that Mrs. Shelby does not want Eliza caught. They fear and respect her desires more than Mr. Shelby’s.

7. Sam chases after Haley’s horse. He intentionally frightens the horse more by shouting and waving a palm leaf.

8. Sam advises Haley that the horse must be rubbed down and rested.

9. Mrs. Shelby invites Haley in for dinner.

10. Sam and Andy enjoy a good laugh while discussing their success.