Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 20: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapter 20: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Topsy do at St. Clare’s request to show Miss Ophelia?

2. How does Ophelia protest the imposition of Topsy upon her?

3. How did St. Clare first learn about Topsy?

4. What does Ophelia see on Topsy when giving her a bath?

5. Why does Topsy not know who her parents are, or how old she is?

6. What does Ophelia first teach Topsy how to do?

7. Why does Topsy confess to stealing things that she did not take?

8. What does Eva command of the other servants regarding Topsy?

9. Why does Ophelia give in to whipping Topsy?

10. What does St. Clare disapprove of in Ophelia’s education of Topsy?

1. She sings and dances.

2. She protests by saying that the whole house is already full of servants who need education, and Topsy would only add to her burden.

3. He first learned about Topsy when he passed by a restaurant in which she was screaming because of the beatings her masters gave her.

4. She sees welts and other spots on Topsy’s back as a result of the whippings.

5. Topsy does not know any of her personal information because she was raised by slave traders from birth and received no education.

6. Ophelia first teaches her how to make a bed.

7. Topsy confesses to taking other things because she is afraid that Ophelia will beat her anyway.

8. Eva commands that no one may scorn Topsy.

9. Ophelia gives in to whipping Topsy because she ran out of other ideas on disciplining her ward.

10. He disapproves of Ophelia teaching Topsy the catechism and other religious topics.