Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 17: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapter 17: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What occupation does Eliza hope to pursue when she gets to Canada?

2. What does George plan on doing for his master and Mr. Shelby?

3. What does George bring out when he hears the news of slave catchers being nearby?

4. Why does Phineas go along with the party of escaped slaves?

5. At what sport does Phineas excel?

6. What does Ruth Stedman bring for the Harris family?

7. Who fires the first shot at George?

8. Why do the slave catchers leave Tom Loker?

9. When Phineas binds Loker’s wounds, who does the slave catcher mistake him for?

10. What do Eliza and Jim’s mother worry about regarding Tom Loker?

1. She hopes to become a dressmaker.

2. He plans on paying them back for the losses caused by his and Eliza’s running away.

3. He brings out his pistols.

4. He accompanies them because he knows the roads.

5. He excels at hunting deer.

6. Ruth brings some woolen socks for them to wear during the Canadian winters.

7. Marks, Tom Loker’s partner, fires at George, but misses.

8. They leave him because he is too heavy to carry on horseback.

9. Loker thinks that Phineas is Marks.

10. They worry about the state of Loker’s sinful soul and God’s judgment upon it.