Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 16: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapter 16: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does St. Clare tell Marie that her chores and worries will lessen?

2. In what ways does Marie think that her servants are spoiled?

3. Why does Marie believe that her daughter Eva is peculiar?

4. What does Marie criticize about her husband’s treatment of the servants?

5. Despite her silence at Marie’s talks about the servants, how does Miss Ophelia really feel about St. Clare’s wife?

6. How does Ophelia react when she sees Eva embracing Uncle Tom?

7. What is Uncle Tom’s job at the St. Clare residence when he is not the coachman?

8. What explanation does St. Clare give for not attending church services?

9. What advice does Marie give to Eva regarding the servants?

10. What does Uncle Tom wish for St. Clare?

1. He tells Marie that Ophelia will run the household for them.

2. She thinks that they are spoiled because they wear fine clothes and eat well, but are inattentive to her needs.

3. She thinks that her daughter is peculiar because Eva puts herself on equal terms with everyone, including servants.

4. She criticizes St. Clare for being too lenient with them. He disallows any beating of the servants.

5. Ophelia is aghast at Marie’s opinions.

6. She reacts with horror, despite her anti–slavery feelings.

7. He is Eva’s personal servant.

8. He states that attending church makes him fall asleep.

9. She tells Eva that servants should be treated properly, but not as family members.

10. Tom hopes that St. Clare will be converted to Christianity.