Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 13: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapter 13: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Rachel Halliday ask about Eliza’s plans?

2. What does Rachel offer Eliza?

3. Why does Eliza decline Rachel’s offer?

4. What does Ruth Stedman bring for Harry?

5. To whom does Simeon Halliday first tell the news of George Harris’ arrival?

6. Who tells Eliza the news of her husband’s coming?

7. What does Eliza dream about during her fainting spell?

8. What must Simeon do if he is caught helping the Harrises escape?

9. What does George worry about regarding the Hallidays?

10. What does Simeon advise George to do regarding the escape plans?

1. Rachel would like to know what Eliza will do once she reaches Canada. As of yet, Eliza does not know.

2. Rachel offers her the hospitality of the Halliday home as long as Eliza desires.

3. Eliza declines the generosity because she feels unsafe in Ohio when the slave catchers are still looking for her and Harry.

4. She brings him a cake.

5. He first tells Rachel and Ruth.

6. Rachel tells Eliza the news.

7. Eliza dreams of her family being together at a home by the sea.

8. He must pay a fine.

9. He worries that the Hallidays are risking too much to aid him and his family.

10. He advises George to wait until nighttime to travel. Simeon assures George of the Quaker settlement’s safety during the daytime.