Chapter 11: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does George Harris use his appearance to pass as a gentleman?

2. What is ironic about the name that George assumes?

3. What Bible passage does Mr. Wilson quote to George?

4. With what example does George confront Mr. Wilson?

5. How does George convince Mr. Wilson that he is ready to risk escape and even death?

6. What ideas about government does George get from listening to Fourth of July speeches?

7. What did George’s father do to his family?

8. Who encouraged George to read and write?

9. What country does George feel safe to call his own?

10. What last instructions does George leave for Mr. Wilson?

1. He has a light enough complexion to disguise himself as a Spanish gentleman.

2. He takes the name Henry Butler, the last name implying a servant.

3. He quotes, “Let every one abide in the condition in which he is called” to justify George’s slave status.

4. George wants to know how Mr. Wilson would feel if Indians had carried the manufacturer away from his family and made to work for them. George imagines that Mr. Wilson would not be satisfied with his condition in life then.

5. George displays two pistols and a knife.

6. He says that governments “derive their just power from the consent of the governed.”

7. George’s father sold the entire family, including the mother and seven children.

8. Mr. Wilson encouraged George.

9. He calls Canada his country.

10. George leaves Mr. Wilson a pin that George had received as a gift from Eliza. If George fails to reach Canada, he would like Mr. Wilson to send Eliza the pin for him as a sign of his love.

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