Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 10: Questions and Answers
by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Chapter 10: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What chores are Chloe doing for Tom before he leaves?

2. What does Chloe think Mr. Shelby owes Tom?

3. Why does Mrs. Shelby believe that giving money to Tom is not worthwhile?

4. What does Haley do when he takes Tom?

5. What had Master George been doing before he says goodbye to Tom?

6. Where do Haley and Tom stop on their journey?

7. Where does George put the dollar coin that he gives to Tom?

8. What threat does George promise to Haley?

9. What is George ashamed of being?

10. What does Haley promise to Tom?

1. Chloe irons Tom’s clothes and cooks the last supper for him.

2. She thinks that Mr. Shelby owes Tom his freedom after years of loyal service.

3. She believes that the money would only be taken from Tom.

4. He puts shackles around Tom’s ankles.

5. George had been away visiting friends. He had not even been told that Tom was leaving and came across him by accident.

6. They stop at a blacksmith’s shop so Haley can have Tom’s handcuffs altered to fit better.

7. With a string looped through a hole in the coin, George hangs it around Tom’s neck and underneath his shirt.

8. He promises to tell his parents how Tom is being treated. Naturally Haley treats it as an empty threat.

9. He is ashamed of being a Kentuckian.

10. He promises to treat Tom nicely if the slave does not try to run away.