Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 35-36: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapters 35-36: Summary and Analysis

In Chapter 35, Cassy confronts Legree about Tom’s beating. She calls Legree’s attention to his wastefulness of harming a good slave, especially at the height of the picking season. Earlier, he had threatened to put Cassy to work in the fields, which she actually did to show him the emptiness of his threats. Cassy knows that Legree keeps his distance from her. As she says to him: “You’re afraid of me, Simon...and you’ve reason to be! But be careful, for I’ve got the devil in me!”

Sambo brings to Legree some of Tom’s possessions: the dollar coin that Master George had given him, and Eva’s lock of hair. Legree throws a fit of alarm at the sight of Eva’s curls, throwing them into the...

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