Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 30-32: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapters 30-32: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Mr. Skeggs: keeper of a slave warehouse

Sambo: slave in Skeggs’s warehouse

Susan and Emmeline: mother and daughter auctioned off separately

Simon Legree: brutal master who buys Tom and Emmeline

Sambo and Quimbo: Legree’s drivers, slaves themselves

Lucy: slave whom Legree purchased for Sambo

Chapter 30 depicts the slave warehouse owned by Mr. Skeggs, at which Tom and the other St. Clare servants arrive. The slaves are kept “well fed, well cleaned, tended, and looked after” to bring the highest prices from bidders at the upcoming auction. Sambo, a large and tough slave whom Mr. Skeggs keeps to entertain...

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