Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 28-29: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapters 28-29: Summary and Analysis

After returning from the lake villa to the New Orleans mansion, St. Clare tries to make sense of Eva’s death. Although refraining from spiritual considerations, he reads Eva’s Bible and thinks more seriously about his role as slave holder. St. Clare then decides to free Tom.

Miss Ophelia also changes in character, becoming more lenient and understanding toward Topsy. Ophelia approaches St. Clare to have him make out papers of Topsy’s ownership to her so that she can bring Topsy north to freedom. St. Clare jokes with Ophelia at this suggestion, asking her: “What will the Abolition Society think…if you become a slave-holder!” Ophelia, however, is well-intentioned toward Topsy’s future...

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