Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 25-27: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapters 25-27: Summary and Analysis

These chapters continue with a focus on Eva and her influence on the St. Clare household, especially on Topsy. In Chapter 25, Miss Ophelia discovers that one of her bonnets has been destroyed by Topsy. When St. Clare questions Topsy about her mischief, she answers: “Spects it’s my wicked heart.” Ophelia decides that she can no longer tolerate Topsy’s antics and wants to give up on her. St. Clare forces Ophelia to reconsider, however, when he again raises the issue of her supposed Christian endurance.

Eva draws Topsy aside to find out why the servant girl misbehaves. Topsy repeats her history of having no family and no one to love her. She also knows that Ophelia personally dislikes her,...

(The entire section is 962 words.)