Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 22-24: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapters 22-24: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Alfred St. Clare: Augustine St. Clare’s twin brother

Henrique: Alfred’s arrogant, twelve-year-old son

Dodo: Henrique’s thirteen-year-old servant

These chapters focus primarily on Eva and her influence on other characters. Two years pass, and Uncle Tom still looks forward to the day when he can return to his family on the Shelby plantation. When the summer arrives, the entire St. Clare household moves to a villa near Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. Tom and Eva have become even closer friends than before, and as they sit by the lake, Eva has a vision of heaven. She prophesies her own early death, pointing to the sky and declaring: “I’m...

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