Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapters 18-19: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapters 18-19: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Old Dinah: the St. Clares’ cook

Prue: an old slave at a neighboring house

Jane and Rosa: some other of St. Clare’s haughty servants

As time passes at the St. Clare house, Uncle Tom earns St. Clare’s trust and confidence. Since St. Clare is described as “indolent and careless of money,” he begins to rely on Tom to take charge of everyday business matters such as marketing. Adolph, St. Clare’s personal servant, is just as heedless as his master, and he grows jealous of Tom’s success within the household. When St. Clare comes home drunk late one evening, Tom tearfully implores him the next morning to look after his own soul. St. Clare...

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