Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 6: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapter 6: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Sam and Andy: slaves on the Shelby plantation

Mr. and Mrs. Shelby are brought news the following morning of Eliza’s escape. Mrs. Shelby reacts gratefully while her husband is less than thankful. The surprising report spreads throughout the house as the servants tell one another about the event.

Haley arrives at the plantation to pick up Uncle Tom and Harry. Much to his annoyance, he too learns of Eliza’s and Harry’s escape. He tells Mr. Shelby about the unfairness of the situation. Mr. Shelby responds angrily that he will not be accused of helping the fugitives run away. He then invites Haley in for breakfast to discuss what can be done.


(The entire section is 570 words.)