Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 21: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapter 21: Summary and Analysis

This chapter returns to the Shelby plantation. Aunt Chloe has received Uncle Tom’s letter that St. Clare had written for him. Mrs. Shelby in the mean time brings up the subject to her husband of buying back Tom. Mr. Shelby, however, is still financially troubled and cannot spare the money for purchasing his former servant. When Mrs. Shelby offers to help with the debts, Mr. Shelby retorts: “You don’t know anything about business.” But as the author points out, Mrs. Shelby possessed “a clear, energetic, practical mind, and a force of character every way superior to that of her husband.” She offers to give music lessons to raise money, but Mr. Shelby refuses to dishonor the family in this way by...

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